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Previously, I’ve highlighted mostly the good things about living in Florida and the Tampa Bay area. It’s in my nature to do so, because I love these areas but no state or city is perfect so… Let’s talk about the worst aspects about living in Florida.
Why would I try to talk you out of moving to Florida? Because you need to relocate here with realistic expectations and with eyes wide open.
My goal is that the people who choose to move here LOVE IT.

Mosquitoes can make it feel like you’re being eaten alive, cockroaches and palmetto bugs with wings, love bugs that try to ruin the paint on your car, and skinks – sort of a lizard/snake combination.
How do Floridians survive all of these creatures? Bug spray, screened in patios, and pest control.

Florida is a swing state for national elections. This is a pro or a con depending on your view point. I love living in a state where every vote matters, but the downside is being bombarded with political ads and mailers every election season.

Not sure why everyone is in such a hurry in Florida, but people here drive like they’re trying to win a NASCAR race on a daily basis. Add on the fact that many drivers on the roads are tourists, and those factors can lead to some accidents.
Florida is populated by people coming from many different areas, driving like they were taught in their hometowns. So we’re meshing together countless driving styles.

We all know it’s hot here in Florida, with it being a tropical climate – also very humid. Heat / humidity itself isn’t the “con” in my book, but just the fact that it’s like this throughout the year. Floridians don’t get much of a break from the heat. The solution is having air conditioning EVERYWHERE.

Yes, they happen in Florida – more frequently in areas where rock below the ground surface is limestone. (Florida is basically a bed of limestone) There are areas more prone to sinkholes, so do your research before picking a place to live.

Seems like far too many news reports of someone doing something crazy involve “Florida man.” Not sure why that is, and I certainly have theories…
I promise not everyone who lives in Florida is crazy, some of us are normal, boring people.

Florida overtook New York a few years ago as the third most populated state. Currently, we have over 21 million residents and expected to grow 1.5% this year. With so many people, Florida struggles with affordable housing, infrastructure, and transportation issues. State and local leaders are constantly challenged to manage growing pains to allow residents to thrive without taking away all the things that make Florida such a great place to live.
There are crowded areas in the Sunshine State, but also some nice, quaint towns to get some peace and quiet.

For many, the extreme weather is a deterrent for moving to Florida.
Hurricanes are definitely an ever present concern here, but it’s a risk for anyone living in a Gulf Coast or Atlantic Coast state. Prepare accordingly and breathe a sigh of relief when hurricane season is over for the year!

When you live in a state with a growing population, extreme weather, not-so-great drivers, and some fraud – you better belief insurance rates will be high! Greater the risk, the higher the prices.

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