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If you’re looking for something to do and are near Orlando or Central Florida, Wekiwa Springs is a MUST! Just outside of Orlando Florida, there are some INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL natural springs that are a must-see and do! We literally submerged ourselves into the everglades, and we were only 17 miles outside of Downtown Orlando! And don’t worry, if you forget something, they have a cool little shop with a good selection of items you may have forgotten!


Wekiwa Springs Website:

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• SPF 50 Ocean Potion – Loved the smell, does NOT give you that ‘burning’ sensation, water resistant up to 80 minutes, and most importantly, FRIENDLY TO ALL THE CRITTERS AND WATER! https://amzn.to/2XVhKDL

• BUG SPRAY – I cannot repeat how much of a life saver this will be…. let me remind you, you are out in the MIDDLE of the everglades! Use this ESPECIALLY when you walk just past the springs into the forest!

• Water proof camera ( GoPro Hero 7)
– 4k, amazing shots in and out of water….we literally never leave anywhere without this beauty, and of course our fixtures for it, https://amzn.to/2X2sH1b
An excellent alternative, if you want to save your pennies, we also brought a water proof phone case, this thing is ALWAYS used by our son, Blake! https://amzn.to/2JObGEC

• Take a backpack with some snacks and towels! Time flies when you are exploring these beautiful springs, and hunger stikes quick… and not to mention, hiking and bicycling is a good workout, so lots of energy is being used lol.

• SPF Chapstick…need I say more??

• Snorkel Masks – This one is small enough to fit my small head and big enough to fit our sons large head lol https://amzn.to/2W9wR6M

• Water flippers- I (Ashley) wear a size 7.5, and ended up ordering a size small/medium, and they fit all three of us (the hubbs and kiddo are a size 10) https://amzn.to/2XKsK6y

* And we brought water socks for when we got out into the water (just for a little protection on the feet) and so worth wearing, especially if you are swimming around the deep cavern. The rocks were SUPER slippery. So I read in the reviews that these particular water socks run a little small, so I ordered a size 8 (Black) (I wear a 7.5), and they are definitely snug, but they still fit my feet. If I were to buy these again, I would buy a full size bigger (8.5 or 9). https://amzn.to/37DQ8nu

• SPF Shirts- We brought them just in case, but the sun wasn’t as intense, and the temperature was PERFECT (non humid 85 degree day). We swear by Columbia, super light, quick to dry, and protect perfectly! Nate & Blake’s preference (mens) https://amzn.to/2SpiqLf , my preference (womens) https://amzn.to/2XPNdal

* Cooler- This one is just small enough to carry and just big enough to hold 6 waters, 3 gatorades, a sub sandwich, and some string cheese (plus a little more room)! You can also bring one of those small portable bbq’s and set up at one of there picnic areas! https://amzn.to/374OA5t

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