WATCH: Mike Norvell talks bowl prep, transfer portal, and more after Sunday practice



Florida State head coach Mike Norvell has had a busy season and will now head into an even busier month of december with bowl preparations, recruiting, player retention, and the transfer portal. After ending the regular season 9-3, and with a bowl game on the horizon, the No. 13 Noles are taking a week off after their first five practices and will begin game planning for the Oklahoma Sooners next week.

Norvell met with the media on Sunday to discuss the team’s plans for the remainder of December before they take a trip down to Orlando for the Cheez-It bowl, saying that they were “trying to ramp up the intensity, a little bit of the physicality to create some situational work” but that they “haven’t got a whole lot into Oklahoma” and that they “wanted these five days leading up to this break to really just focus on us.” He said that the team will return “Sunday and Monday to get back into a modified bowl prep” after their week off.

There have been a few guys that have not necessarily been able to show up during game time, and it seemed these past few practices were focused on getting the guys who didn’t get much work in the regular season some solid repetitions with the ones and twos. When asked about tight end Jerrale Powers and Deuce Spann, Norvell said, “Absolutely. Both of those guys showed up. Throughout the season, you see growth in both. I think Jerrale and Deuce, they’re both going to be really good football players here. I have no doubt about it.”

There is no slowing down in the world of Mike Norvell, and he said that “Once we wrap up here, I’m sprinting. I’m gonna be on the road, and I have a lot of things that I’ve got to do here this week along with this coaching staff.” Saying that “you look at the players having a few days off — which they need. We’ve been working really hard, and they need some time to decompress.”

High school recruiting, the transfer portal, guys headed to the draft, and some players deciding to play for another year, Mike Norvell said that it’s different now that he has the proof of product on the field to help sell and keep his vision.

“When you’re presenting a vision, a philosophy, you know, talking about a culture that you want to have, it’s one thing when you’re having to project it, and it’s it’s another thing whenever they can they can see it in action, and that’s that’s a tribute to our players (and) to our staff.”

Norvell’s full interview can be seen below.


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