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Trigenics therapy is a muscular and neurological treatment provided at Physical Therapists NYC to deliver immediate results. With a focus on aiding patients who are suffering from pain and limited movement, trigonous treatment combines three separate therapies into one, that’s where the prefix tri comes from. Those three therapies include:

  • Neurogenic, resistive exercise
  • Myogenic, muscle nerve sensor manipulation
  • Autogenics, biofeedback breathing

Pulling three different techniques together and creating one approach makes this a multi-modal procedure and it has been found to be an extremely effective method of relieving pain and improving range of motion. Not only that, but by marrying these three methods together the end results are more long-lasting than they would have been if performed on their own.

How Does Trigenics Therapy Work

During a visit to Physical Therapists NYC for trigenics therapy, you’ll have treatments applied to your muscle nerve sensors while doing specific resistance exercises and practicing biofeedback breathing techniques. That’s it in a nutshell, but it sounds very confusing, so we’ll break it down.

Trigenics begins with something called myoneural mapping, which identifies abnormal muscle signaling patterns in the body using muscle strength and length testing procedures. When you’ve suffered an injury, your brain and body no longer communicate as they used to, and you develop neurological inhibition. This eventually leads to a sort of coping between the brain and the body where messages are sent and received but not as effectively or efficiently as they should be. This can lead to weakness, pain, imbalance, and dysfunctional motion, and athletes tend to see a decrease in their performance.

Once these neurological inhibition spots are located, the patient becomes an active member in their own therapy. This is a big plus for many patients, especially athletes who like to control their bodies. The therapist and the patient will work together with the therapist providing muscle nerve sensor manipulation while the patient does resistive exercises and uses biofeedback breathing. The body responds to this approach in a combination of ways that trigger the brain/body communication pathway. This can create new and effective pathways or it can repair the original pathway and lead to restored movement and function.

Trigenics Therapy

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