Three Ways to Cook Shark Meat-Best How to Recipes (Catch and Eat)


I experimented with how to cook shark and came up with three recipes. These are the best ways I discovered out of about seven different methods I tried.

in this video you’ll enjoy learning how to cook shark on the grill, buffalo style on the stove top and in the microwave using a very unique recipe I created on my own.

At the end of the video I share with you which recipe I like best. All three ways of cooking shark that I present taste really delicious, but one really stands out as the winner.

The shark meat that I cooked was from a Blacknose that I caught while fishing with “Jettie Rocks Fishing, Mike D. (Youtube channel name) on the east coast of Florida.

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During the process of trying out different ways to cook shark I eliminated pan searing in oil or butter. Although both methods tasted okay, neither were really exceptional. I didn’t try frying the fillets because someone had already told me that it tastes really good fried. I mean, almost any fish would taste good fried.

Recipe 1-in the microwave:

-Slice shark into one quarter inch thick bites
-Put small slices of butter on each one
-Sprinkle with Cavender’s Greek Seasoning
-Add on some lemon juice
-Cover with Parmesan cheese that has no preservatives in it
-Microwave on high for one to one and half minutes depending upon the desired texture

Shark recipe 2-Kabobs on the grill:

-Cut meat into one and a half inch cubes
-Marinate the shark in Dale’s Sauce for three minutes
-Slide cubes onto skewers
-Cook over coals on the grill for about ten minutes total

Method 3-on the stove top:

-Cut shark into small pieces one inch by one inch or less
-Deep fry in oil until they are slightly browned all around
-Add meat to your favorite buffalo sauce creation
-Serve with blue cheese or ranch dressing

All three of these shark recipes will work as appetizers or main entrees. As my friend Mike D. says, “make it your own”. Create the best tasting shark recipe for your liking with your favorite spices…

Although I’ve only had blacknose shark I’m confident that these methods would work with Hammerhead, Sharpnose, Bonnethead, Spinner or other species.


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