This Legendary Florida Farm Has Changed The Way We Grow Food


(Part 1 of 2) The #1 Place To Visit If You Want To Grow Food In Warm Climates!

This latest video tour has been a goal of ours for quite some time. We bring you along to ECHO Global Farm in Fort Myers, FL, one of the first places to break open our passion for permaculture, tropical fruit production & perennial food crops! We found it nearly impossible to pack so much useful information into just one video, so we made it into a 2-part!

Here’s Your Link to Part 2 –

Where’s the best place to visit when you want to learn about sustainable agriculture? Every top-tier speaker, author or teacher would agree that ECHO has been a catalyst for so many essential parts of ecology-minded tropical & subtropical agriculture.

When Stacy Swartz isn’t giving lucky folks like us top-notch tours at ECHO, she’s usually handling the notorious research & publications department. We strongly suggest you take a field trip to ECHO if you get the chance! It’s always quite a different experience when you see things in person! There are countless ways to support them through their bookstore (online & onsite), nursery, classes, courses & public tours. You can also simply donate if you would like. To learn more about the full range of ECHO’s outreach & multiple outreach programs that benefit so many – you can check out their website –

To see ECHO’S information-focused website on plant research:

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