This is what Tallahassee, Florida's WORST HOOD Looks Like. Gunshots recorded!!


Tallahassee, Florida has some sketch areas for sure!

For this video, I left downtown Tallahassee and went south into what many call the worst part of town. The goal was to drive around the poorest and most dangerous neighborhood in the capital of Florida. It was winter time, but still a clear, warm day. That’s expected, since this is Florida and all. It was Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 1 pm. And I may or may not have heard gunshots at some point. I’ll let you guys decide.

Now, according to crime numbers, this part of Tallahassee here near Florida A&M University is the worst part of this city of 200,000 people. So that’s where I would head, the neighborhood that’s notorious for being rundown and where it just plain isn’t safe.

Besides the crime that happens here, the students complain about the overall blight of the community which is right next door to their campus. They were right, this certainly isn’t anywhere I’d want to be.

As a whole, Tallahassee isn’t BAD nationwide, but it’s not good either. It ranks second worst of Florida’s largest cities for crime – only Orlando has a higher crime rate. Jacksonville is also pretty dangerous as are many parts of Miami.

That said, this is the worst neighborhood in Tallahassee, the capital of the state of Florida everyone.

As we leave the Tallahassee neighborhood, we come out right alongside campus. You can see how closely these students live to a really bad place.

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