The Rick & Bubba Show – LIVE – April 20, 2023


► Sponsor: Nefarious: There’s a new movie coming out and we are pretty sure you will want to see it. It’s by the same people who made GOD’S NOT DEAD and UNPLANNED. It’s called NEFARIOUS. It’s based on a book by The Blaze’s own Steve Deace. It’s like the C.S. Lewis book, THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS. We like to call it “INTERVIEW WITH A DEMON.” A psychiatrist is called in to a prison to meet with a convicted killer who’s about to be executed. The killer says he’s a demon named Nefarious, and the psychiatrist – who doesn’t believe in God or demons – has to decide if the man is insane, pretending to be insane. This supernatural thriller is perfect for your friends who love scary films but more than that, they love going to church. You’re going to have some great conversations afterwards! NEFARIOUS opens nationwide the weekend of April 14th. Mark the date, and get your tickets now at

SpaceX Starship Launches Then Explodes | Daily Best of April 20 | Rick & Bubba

Elon Musk and SpaceX launched the largest and most powerful rocket in history today. The initial launch was successful, but the rocket exploded shortly after takeoff. In politics, Jon Fetterman struggles to read a prepared statement. Chaos erupts in the House as Democrats scramble to get Marjorie Taylor Greene’s comments about Eric Swalwell stripped from the official record. And a guest on “The View” says she can’t tell the difference between the Christian Right and the Taliban.

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