Sony solves PlayStation 5 supply issues ahead of PSVR2 launch


Sony is preparing to launch its second generation VR headset on February 22 and an important part of those preparations is announcing that the PlayStation 5 supply issues are finally over.

Fans in the US, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg can pick up a PS5 online from, which also offers games and accessories like the newly launched DualSense Edge controller.

This site also has pre-orders for the PSVR2 headset and the Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle. Of course, the PlayStaion is available through select retailers as well.

DualSense Edge

PS5 • DualSense Edge • PSVR2

The PS5 launched in late 2020 and came with a warning of limited supplies. The issues persisted in 2021 with no signs of clearing up in 2022. Sony even had to reduce production because it was having trouble with component supplies and logistics, so the problems did indeed continue into 2022.

But all that is in the past now, Sony welcomes the new year with “with increased supply of PS5 consoles”. And a new ad campaign dubbed “Live from PS5” – a faux news broadcast that shows fan favorite virtual heroes entering the real world. The first clip is below, you can follow PlayStation’s social media accounts as well as this page for more.

Square Enix already released Forspoken on PS5 and PC and there are plenty more games to come in 2023 – some new titles, some remakes and some expansions. Here’s a preview:

Going back to the PlayStation VR2, the headset (with two controllers) costs $550 / €600 / £530 / ¥75,000. A couple of weeks ago Sony announced 13 more games with VR support, bringing the total to over 30.

Sony solves PlayStation 5 supply issues ahead of PSVR2 launch

The PSVR2 pre-order campaign has been live since November, so Sony has a good estimate of how the new headset will be welcomed by gamers – and it looks like the news isn’t as good as the company had hoped. Bloomberg reports that Sony has cut the production target for this quarter to 1 million units.

It seems that the company expects things to slow down after the initial inrush of orders with the shipping target for the April 2023 to March 2024 set to just 1.5 million units. The high cost may have deterred consumers – the digital PS5 is $400, the disc version is $500, so the PSVR2 costs more than the console itself.

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