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Oma teaches you how to make Old English Toffee. This is a generations old recipe passed down from the family. While most Toffee can be questionable, Oma’s secret to tempering the Toffee as she cooks it ensures that you will get the best toffee you’ve ever tasted. The recipe was passed down from her aunt almost 60 years ago which was passed down from her mother, who was English. Best guess is that the recipe comes from the 1880s. Oma, Helen Widener at the age of ? has been cooking since she was a farm girl in Arkansas. She is also a gourmet cook that trained in France and many other places and is the author of the Irving Centennial Cookbook and Family Histories. I have tried to speed up the video in a couple of places but at the risk of important information being omitted, most of the video happens in real time. Enjoy the video and let me know the results of your Old English Toffee.

For all of those that wanted a typed out recipe…here you go!!

English Toffee

1 cup pure cane sugar

1 cup best grade fresh butter(227 grams)
1 cup – Almonds, sliced, toasted and crushed ime
1 cup – Chocolate Chips (Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate) Refrigerated until very hard then powder in food processor

Prepare a flat Gelly roll type) pan by buttering the pan, putting down a layer of the crushed almonds and then a layer of the powdered chocolate.

Slowly melt butter – Leaving butter at room temperature until soft will hasten the melting and the butter solids will be less likely to separate from the butter fat.
Slowly melt your butter.

When the butter is melted – Add the sugar and raise the heat under your pan – stirring constantly bring the mixture to a foaming stage. I call this the “Sea foam” Stage.

When mixture is a Sea Foam Stage – lower the heat until mixture begins to cool and Thicken into what I call the “Rubber Stage.” The mixture will be thick and come away from the pan sides and slide around the edge of the pan.

Give the Rubber Stage a few moments until color just begins to change from white to light Carmel. Raise the heat and begin to reduce the rubber mixture into a thick liquid mixture and a rich Carmel color. When the color and texture of the toffee is just right, the thick “Liquid Stage.” Pour hot toffee over the prepared Almonds and Chocolate in your pre-prepared pan. Spoon on another layer of powdered chocolate, when chocolate becomes soft spread and smooth it out on the top of the toffee. Then add a layer of crushed almonds. Over this a layer of foil and then refrigerate until hard. Break into pieces and keep in the refrigerator.

Things to remember:

Toffee mixture is extremely hot and will quickly burn the flesh. DO NOT let any persons stand close to you are get in the way of your being able to pour the mixture into your prepared pan.

Watch the temperature so that you can raise or lower the stove’s heat and your pan light enough to pick up the pan from the stove. You must be able to stir the candy mixture in the pan at all times without distractions. The candy burns very easy and will have a bitter taste if it is allowed to burn or get too dark.

When making the toffee it is important to alternate the heating of the mixture, as this is a chemical reaction taking place and is what gives the candy its nice crunch
instead of being hard. It should not have to be broken by the teeth but lightly crunched and melted in your mouth.

Making toffee is like anything else, it takes time to master the process and there will be destroyed batches, so just have a pan handy to throw any that is not to your liking away and start over. When you get the feel of the candy making and become more comfortable with the process. Failures will be few. Even so, we can’t control
the freshness or quality of the butter and sometimes the butter will separate and the batch will be ruined no matter what we do or don’t do that is correct.

All of this is why toffee is difficult to make and why for good toffee you will pay the Price of 30 to 50 dollars a pound.

Additional info:

10 inch stainless steel skillet – Made by design
$20 at target

13×9 pan for toffee about an inch deep
12×18 pan for roasting almonds. Almonds are roasted about 400 degrees for 10 minutes

Note: The chemical process during the cooking process works best with pure cane sugar and sweet cream butter(salted or not)

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