My Experience at the University of Central Florida!!!


This video is a showcase of the Pan-African culture here at UCF and generally for PWIs in America.

This video has taken so much time and effort to make. While finishing undergrad, fulfilling my eboard duties, and studying for law school, I would record videos and edit them on my laptop. 95% of the footage in this video was recorded by me on my phone, and this documentary was completely edited and thought up by myself.

Before coming to UCF, I knew nothing about Black organizations, fraternities, sororities, or about universities, for that matter. I scoured the internet but could not find a comprehensive video explaining the Black culture on college campuses and was left to worry that we didn’t have a culture on campus. One of my uncles told me not to worry and said that every campus has a Black Student Union, and so even though I saw no evidence of it, I took a chance to come to UCF and trusted his word.

After taking that leap of faith, I found my way by constantly walking around campus and talking to just about everyone I came across. Through this, I discovered the Black Student Union, which led me to all the other Black organizations on campus as well.

Knowing that everyone isn’t the social butterfly and extrovert that I am, I would record videos with the thought that I would edit them in the future, as I self-taught myself video editing in high school. As I did that, the idea for a complete documentary came to mind, and as such, I started filming with more intention and reached out to people that I respected for interviews. The interviews (4:27-8:23) (10:25-10:50) were extremely fun and I’m super happy that I did them.

After a lot of trial and error, along with test audiences made up of random people and my parents, I received a lot of feedback and am happy to say that I have made a work that I am truly proud of.

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