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Mid Back Pain

The specialists at New York Pain Care locate the cause of your mid back pain and then treat it directly. Whether your pain is from an injury or a chronic condition, your mid back pain doctors get you out of pain so you can return to your regular activities. You receive a customized pain management plan from Harvard-trained, board certified mid back pain doctors. These award-winning back and neck pain doctors have only one goal in mind: to relieve your pain.

What Causes Mid Back Pain?

The middle of your back can hurt for many reasons. The most common is a strain or injury to a ligament that supports your spine, which often results from overuse. Typical causes for mid and low back pain include:

  • Obesity. A common cause of mid back pain, being overweight puts extra stress on your back.
  • Myofascial pain syndrome. A chronic pain condition, this usually happens when you stretch a specific muscle too many times.
  • Improper posture. Continual pressure on your spine from poor posture may eventually cause pain.
  • Osteoarthritis. This degenerative joint condition causes the cartilage covering your joints to wear away, forcing bones to grind together painfully.
  • Vertebral fractures. Frequently caused by a trauma such as a fall, car accident or sports injury, fractures produce significant middle back pain.
  • Aging. Back pain is more likely as you grow older. Bone weakening, as well as wear and tear such as degenerative disc disease. come with age.
  • Sports injuries. Spinal injuries occur in weekend athletes who don’t properly warm up or cool down, but they can also happen to those who play any competitive sports, particularly those that involve high-intensity contact, like football and basketball.

Your pain may be acute, lasting less than two weeks, or chronic, lasting longer than two weeks. Both types respond to pain management treatments from New York Pain Care.

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