Miami Beach, Florida: The Most Controversial Beach In The USA


Who would have thought there would be so much drama at one of the best beach communities in the USA?

Aww south beach. This place is off the freaking hook. It’s as loud and fancy as you’ve heard it was. You could do an entire hour about this place. Today, it’s very much become a rowdy party spot, and there’s a lot of people who have an opinion on that. It hasn’t always been like this. But that’s the nature of what’s happening in Miami Beach these days.

Miami Beach is a 9-mile long barrier island just off the coast of Miami proper. We’re going to see the whole island – all three neighborhoods – north beach, mid beach, and yes, a lot of south beach. Each part of the island is very different from one another.

South Beach is where we’ll spend a big portion of this video. That’s because there’s a lot to talk about. Mid beach is much more chill and family friendly. It’s a nice place to be. The north end of Miami Beach is mostly fancy homes.

But it’s the South Beach parties that are the talk of the town. Or, should i say parTIES. Cause this place is off the chain these days. It’s so hoppin down here now that locals are asking the city to shut it down.

Miami Beach Party: Citizen Walk:

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