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Is the Orlando Real Estate Market Shifting?

If you’re noticing yourself becoming confused about what’s happening in our real estate market or worse, going down a habit hole of being sure the real estate market is going to fall apart anytime, then you’re not alone. It is easier than not to assume a big dip in prices may occur especially considering the recent rise in interest rates, the stock market decline, the Russia/Ukraine war, and in Orlando, the Disney/DeSantis debacle.

Unfortunately, much of the real estate news is filled with titles to attract our attention for us to click on them or watch them. The majority of people are attracted to drama and most titles of recent real estate news is dramatized. If you actually read them, you will see much of it is simply chatter or not fully relevant to our Central Florida areas.

We are not in a real estate recession.
We are not experiencing a market correction.
We are experiencing a slight market shift in our Central Florida market.

Even if we do going an economic recession, it does not mean the home values are going to decrease. Interestingly, in four of the last six economic recessions, the homes values increased!

A market correction would be indicated by a sharp decline in home values. This has not happened in Florida.

What is a Market Shift and how is it effecting the Florida Real Estate Market? I answer in the video. More details, charts, and infographics on my blog:

Kris Kennedy with Compass


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