Malik McClain, Kalen DeLoach, and Azareye’h Thomas talk fall improvements


FLORIDA STATE — The Noles were welcomed back for their second week of fall camp this morning. After focusing on fundamentals and player development during the first week, the coaching staff will likely highlight necessary plays to see where the depth chart lies this weekend. The defense seems to be filled with veteran leaders at each position, while the offense still carries questions due an uncertain offensive line and a substandard receiving room.

Linebacker Kalen DeLoach

On the linebacker room improving from spring camp

“I can say just the confidence level, we’re just building off each other and just learning from each other… Being able to learn both sides and being able to communicate in the front end and the back end and make sure we’re all on the same page.”

On Tatum Bethune

“Since he got here he’s been able to demonstrate the drills, help me on this technique, how he may do something… He’s helped me a lot.”

Wide receiver Malik McClain

On the receiving core taking a step forward

“I feel like as a receiving core we’ve taken a step day by day. We’re all elevating, one group, one individual, we’re all one heartbeat, we all take steps together.”

On his physicality and back shoulder passes

“To be big and physical you have to know how to use it… On those type of catches you can’t let the ball fall to you, because if you do that’s just for the DB, those type of catches you have to go up and get it, it’s just me or nobody.”

Defensive back Azareye’h Thomas

On the difference from spring to fall camp

“It’s a lot different from spring. In spring I was still learning and just trying to learn the playbook and now I’m really just trying to improve everyday… Just not trying to stay stagnant, just trying to get higher and higher and see where I could get.”

On the receivers that have stood out

“Really all of them really, I don’t really have no favorite. All of them have high potential so all of them are my favorite receivers that I like to go against, all of them are great in their own way.”

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