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4K and 1080p videos created with an iphone 13 Pro in the Sebastian FL area. See also

I’m a photographer and videographer who lives within walking distance of most of this beautiful subject matter, and have always wanted to share these amazing views, without a lot of noise or narration! Just let them breathe and enjoy.

The best way to view this channel is to just hit “Play Videos” and my latest shots are at the top of the playlist, and please subscribe to be notified of my latest uploads. It is my hope that you enjoy my shots of the nature and the streets of Sebastian as I do my own walking tour. It’s such a pretty little corner of Florida, and I wanted a way to just let the views explain themselves.

From time to time you might hear me comment as a videographer or photographer with some shooting tips and gadgets that I like to use, some of which you can see on my website at

As this channel grows, I’ll be adding some clips from various music venues around town, and if you’d like me to hit a specific spot let me know –

I want this channel to be something you can just run as a loop and enjoy the beauty of this area without a lot of chatter, something family friendly you can share to your friends and family in other places and show them a little of what this little corner of the world is about.

I’m available for events, music gig shoots, real estate shoots, video editing (multicamera) , livestream productions, video productions, EPKs and more – just

contact me at
305 942 8038 –


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