Learning to Cook Plant-based Recipes (Video)


Baptist Health has partnered with the Humane Society and its Forward Food program to train chefs, dietitians and wellness educators across the healthcare system on the importance of plant-based nutrition.

Karla Dumas, a dietitian with the Humane Society, explained the process during the first day of the event at West Kendall Baptist Hospital.

“The first part of the workshop focused on evidence-based nutrition — vegetarian and vegan diets — and the second part [was] where the wellness staff worked to prepare 12 plant-based dishes and then get to sample them afterward,” said Ms. Dumas.

Brian Betancourt, exercise physiologist and wellness coach with Baptist Health, said he was impressed with what he learned about the health benefits of plant-based nutrition.

“I learned how incredible of an impact a plant-based diet can have on the society as a whole,” he said. “From healthcare costs and the reduction of co-morbiditis (the simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases in one person) to metabolic disease … and the health of an individual.”

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[Lean and Green, Learning to cook plant-based recipes Workshop]

[Day 1]

[Karla Dumas, RDN, Senior Manager ⁣Food Nutrition, Humane Society]
[Karla Dumas]
So most people recognize the Humane Society of the United States with animal issues. And we also work to benefit not only animals but humans in certain instances. So we partner with institutions that are looking to add and promote more meatless options.

[Karla Dumas]
We’re here today at West Kendall Baptist Hospital to work on the Plant-Based Culinary Nutrition Workshop, where the first part of the workshop was a presentation focusing on the evidence-based nutrition on vegetarian and vegan diets. And then the second part is where the wellness staff is going to work to prepare 12 plant-based dishes and then they get to sample them afterwards.

[Brian Betancourt, Exercise Physiologist And Wellness Coach, Baptist Health South Florida]
[Brian Betancourt]
I learned how incredible of an impact plant-based dieting can have on the society as a whole, from health care costs and the reduction of comorbidities and metabolic disease and patient care to savings for families, single-home families, and then just the health of an individual.

[Attendees listen to the presentation]
[Wellness staff prepare plant based meals together.]

[Day 2]

[Natalie Castro, Chief Wellness Dietitian, Baptist Health South Florida]
[Natalie Castro]
So we’re here today at South Miami Hospital. We started off with some presentations, education on the importance of plant-based nutrition. And then the second portion of today is where the chefs actually get to take recipes and start cooking.

[Chefs listen to the presentation.]
[Chefs prepare plant based meals together.]

[Wanda L. White, Executive Chef, The Humane Society]
[Wanda L. White]
My specific role here today was to go around, work with the chefs. We presented the recipes to them, and we encouraged them to use the spices, the herbs, the cooking techniques, all bring it together to have a flavorful food without having any animal product.

[Oscar Castillo, Chef, Miami Cancer Institute]
[Oscar Castillo]
Well, right now we’re mixing the vegetables for the sandwich. [inaudible 00:01:39] some carrots, also some fresh herbs, basil, cilantro. We marinated them and then would assemble the sandwich.

[Arlenne Williams, Assistant Vice President, Support Services, Baptist Hospital]
[Arienna Williams]
I feel that it is a great opportunity for all of the food service staff to learn and experience, test recipes that will impact and improve the health of our guests that experience our food on a daily basis.

[Joe Natoli, Chief Administrative Officer, Baptist Health South Florida]
[Joe Natoli]
I think this is a great opportunity to help educate our folks on healthy living. This session this morning was inspiring to me. When I get home tonight, rather than reaching for the cookies I’m going to reach for the fruit that’s in the refrigerator.

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[End Transcript]


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