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In September of 2019, I had the pleasure of visiting an Indian grocery store in South Florida and was blown away by what I found. Join me as I tour Patel Brothers in Sunrise Florida and sample some of their amazing Indian foods!

Bollywood Masala:
Patel Brothers:

I visited Patel Brothers with my friend Sandy from my favorite Indian restaurant in South Miami, Bollywood Masala. I was there to check out the place while he shopped for his restaurant!

From the moment I stepped through the doors, it smelled like India! The aroma of delicious spices hung in the air and immediately transported me back to my time in the country. I met one of the employees, Anand, and a couple of fans!

Right in front were fresh fruits and vegetables that were grown in Homestead. I had seen many of them in India, but nowhere else! Anand walked me through the entire place.

We moved on to an aisle with lots of nuts and dried goods. There were dried figs, papaya, and pineapple, as well as coconut powder and crystal sugar called sakar. There were also mouth fresheners like sugar-coated fennel.

Then we saw some herbal supplements that are good for overall health, including hair and skin, diabetes, and more. They came in pill and powdered form. Then I found lots of sweets like papdi, petha, halwa, chikki, laddu, and more. I even found some sev, which is used in chaats. There were so many things that I love on the shelves! I was loving this place!

There were also some aloo samosas, which were crunchy and soft in the middle. Basically, they have anything you could possibly want that’s Indian, including sugarcane! I got some fresh sugarcane juice, which had a bit of salt in it and was super refreshing and tangy! It cost $3, which is more than it is in India.

There were also drinks like Lassi and a yogurt called dahi. Then Anand showed me lots of snacks and cookies including Bombay Mix, Spicy Punjabi Mix, spicy chickpeas, more sev, dried fruit cookies, cake rusk, toast rusk. There was even masala toothpaste!

I even found some soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics. I was given another samosa. It was so crispy and tasty!

Next were lots of spices, pickles, chutneys, and masalas. There are over 4,000 varieties there! There were lots of spicy pickles, like pickled mango for only $1.99! There were also prepared sauces. There was also some paneer, which I love!

We also found lots of cooking oils like mustard oil, castor oil, and blackseed oil. There was such a variety. They come from various countries like India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

In the next aisle were lots of rice and lentils. There were 50-60 types of lentils, as well as puffed rice, almond milk, rose milk, cardamom milk, and more!

I sampled some spicy peanuts and some farali chevdo, which also had a kick to it. These were mostly snacks that are served with tea! They were like little Indian crackers!

Then we found the frozen foods, like patras, samosas, vada pav, dhoklas, batata vada, and more. The best rice in the store is the Gate of India rice. There were lots of varieties of rice (including basmati rice, matta rice, and sona masoori rice) and I really couldn’t tell the difference between them.

Toward the registers are more samosas, kufti, as well as figurines from Hindu mythology. There was even a cricket jersey!

What an awesome supermarket! It was never-ending Indian foods and spices and I loved exploring its aisles. Check to see if there’s a Patel Brothers restaurant in your area!

I hope you liked coming with me to Patel Brothers!

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