How to Buy Florida Land 9 Things to Watch Out For


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How to Buy Florida Land – ❗️9 Things to Watch Out For❗️

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I want to share some pro tips with you that will help you buy Florida land.

So when you’re buying land in Florida, there are 9 key things that you need to watch out for. Make sure you get your FREE copy of the Florida land buying guide because I detail out how to answer each of these 9 points.

1. Confirm who owns the property
2. Check for delinquent back taxes
3. Understand the property uses
4. Check for legal access
5. Check for utilities
6. Check for HOA and POA
7. Check for flood zones
8. Check for wetlands
9. Check for scrub jay zone

If you’re not sure how to buy Florida land, check out this video series for the most important questions you need to answer!

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The information in this video should not be interpreted as legal advice. I’m not a lawyer, and if you’re considering buying land I recommend getting help from a paralegal or lawyer to find out what your options are. It can be difficult and overwhelming to do a proper Title Search, especially to someone without experience. To be certain of what rights are included with your property, a local title agency or paralegal can help you. Leasing rights and determining access can sometimes escalate into a very difficult and troubling situation, so it’s best to get professional advice.


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