FSU football coaches review scrimmage, talk offense and improvement


FLORIDA STATE — Following a two-day road trip to Jacksonville, FL, the Seminoles returned to Tallahassee for scrimmage number two at night inside the indoor practice facility after a weather caution halted the tracks on playing in the stadium. Offensive coordinator Alex Atkins, defensive coordinator Adam Fuller, and special teams coordinator John Papuchis all gave their thoughts on the scrimmage and the team’s improvement thus far.

Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller

On how the defense has progressed and how they played in their second scrimmage:

“I thought we played hard. I thought we played with a good energy level. We gave up some explosives, but, give credit to the offense. I thought they executed at a high level. I thought they ran hard and made some big plays. What I was excited about was when the explosives did happen we turned around and played in the red zone. We battled.“

“I thought the tacking was solid. I think we overran a few cut-back runs that we can’t do but I thought we were bringing our pads and on our feet a little better.”

“It was a challenging week and we gave them all the reason to continue together.”

On defensive back Jammie Robinson:

“Jammie is trying to play as hard as he can every rep. Whether it’s special teams — he’s starting off on kick-off and punt. We’re moving him around to try and create flexibility in our defense and to be able to showcase his talents”

“I know what Jammie is about and I’m looking forward to coaching him.”

The rest of Fuller’s interview can be seen below:

Special teams coordinator and defensive ends coach John Papuchis

On the kick and punt returners:

“We have a very solid idea in terms of who the top two guys or three guys are in each one of those groups. I usually let coach put the depth charts out when he wants to put those out but you guys know who those guys are. We’re talking about Deuce (Spann), Trey (Benson), and Sam McCall on the kick return side. You got Mycah (Pittman) Keyshawn (Helton) and Sam that have done a good job at the punt return side.”

“I’m sure when coach is ready to name a starter he will certainly be excited to do so.”

On the grind the team has shown throughout this past week:

“This was a challenging week, six days in a row, we did call it an identity week because it was going to be a grind in a lot of different ways. The physicality of the week“

The rest of Papuchis’ interview can be seen below:

Offensive coordinator Alex Atkins

On the quarterback’s performance during the scrimmage:

“Jordan has had a really good camp — he’s been consistent. We knew where he’s been and putting the work in. So we wanted to let those young guys in and let them operate with the wideouts and the running backs. I thought those young guys showed a lot. I thought Tate (Rodemaker) was poised. I thought AJ (Duffy) made good decisions.”

“I thought those young guys showed their understanding and confidence in the offense.”

On wide receiver Johnny Wilson

“Johnny shows a lot of toughness. That’s what I like about Johnny. When I see his face, he’s a very mild-mannered, cool guy, but when I see him on the field he shows that toughness. Blocking and route running and the violence that he plays with.”

On how he views the identity of the offense’s progress this off-season:

“Two words come to mind just unity and toughness. they’re playing together. They’re supporting each other even on the bad plays. It’s easy when you go into a scrimmage where it’s either a touchdown or everybody is sad. I think what they’re doing is supporting each other through the mistakes.”

The rest of Atkin’s interview can be seen below:

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