Florida's Crazy 2021 Housing Market | Asians With Money #3


Real estate agent / investor John Cho and ex-CNN producer Jennifer Moore discuss the upcoming year for the Florida housing market – what will happen to home prices, the influx of people moving to Florida from other states, cost of living, no state income tax, why they chose Florida, and pros / cons of the Sunshine State.

Powerful people moving to Florida
Hottest / Coldest Real Estate Markets 2021
Texas and Florida – future business hubs?
People Are Moving To Florida Thanks, In Part, to the Coronavirus Pandemic (U-Haul data)
Florida Housing Supply 2021

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John Cho is a Real Estate Investor who started out as a Realtor at the age of 26. Found early success of selling 45 homes in his first year (2019) then turned towards flipping homes. At the end of his first year, he successfully flipped a home and set the record in the NW FL area for the lowest amount of cash put in while yielding the highest amount of profit, a whopping $158,000 profit (131% return). After his first initial flip he then successfully flipped 15 homes while having 2 ongoing projects in his official first year (2020) of flipping. John came to the United States with his parents where they only brought two suitcases and $800 to their name. During their time in the U.S., their family income was $20,000 a year. John comes from a humble missionary family from Tanzania, Africa. His origin is South Korean and is now married to a beautiful American wife with three dogs, six chickens, and a bunny.

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Jennifer Moore is an ex-CNN producer turned YouTuber / freelance video producer in Tampa, FL. She left the media / news industry a 15-year veteran after getting out of student loan debt and significantly lowering household monthly expenses. Jennifer is a Korean-American adoptee, married but childfree – with an interest in personal finance, real estate, sewing, photography, KDRAMAs, and BTS.

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