Florida Tech 360°: L3Harris Student Design Center


Take a 360° look around Florida Tech’s L3Harris Student Design Center. This building provides a 12,000-square-foot space for students to work on all their design and manufacturing related projects. Visit campus: https://admissions.fit.edu/portal/visit

Learn more about Student Design and Research at Florida Tech: https://www.fit.edu/engineering-and-science/academics-and-learning/student-design-and-research/

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0:00-0:11 Welcome to Florida Tech’s L3Harris Student Design Center.
0:11-0:34 The Student Design Center is a 12,000 Sq. ft. space.
0:34-0:44 Take a look inside the Paint Booth.
0:44-0:59 The Welding Bay.
0:59-1:14 The building is full of cutting-edge equipment.
1:14-1:28 Several work-stations are set up for students.
1:28-1:44 CNC Machines.
1:44-1:59 Vending machines to keep our engineering students fueled
1:59-2:14 Collaborate in the Ideation Room.
2:14-2:28 Several specialized rooms to work on projects.
2:28-2:36 Schedule a campus visit via the link in the description.


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