Florida Sea Grant: Science Serving Florida's Coast


The state of Florida faces unique challenges. Florida’s rapidly rising population impacts coastal habitats. More hurricanes make landfall in Florida than any other state. Climate change is transforming Florida’s coastline. Eighty percent of Floridians live in the state’s coastal zone. More than 100 million tourists visit our coast every year.

More than any other state, the coast has a critical impact on Florida’s economy, well-being and survival. It takes a combination of innovative research and local insight to meet these challenges, to find practical solutions based on reliable, science-driven knowledge. Florida Sea Grant provides those solutions for our coastal state.

We are known and trusted because our extension agents collaborate with businesses, and local leaders to solve community problems. Operating from the University of Florida, we tap into the expertise of hundreds of faculty at 17 Florida universities and apply it in practical ways that fit coastal communities and their specific needs. We draw on people in the lab and in the field who have the right knowledge to find the right solution.

That’s why Florida Sea Grant has a history of results that get bipartisan support and make lasting impacts. Our program sustains and supports vibrant sustainable fishing and growing aquaculture industries. Before hurricanes, we help coastal communities prepare for disaster using precise modeling tools and action plans. When hurricanes strike we jump into action to help fishing industries hit hard saving millions of dollars. We are a nonpartisan information source across the state on the problems of algae blooms, the effects of drought on estuaries, and many other issues. Because so much of our economy depends on having healthy water.

The need for Florida Sea Grant and the solutions we provide has never been greater. We are committed to continuing our fight for the future of Florida’s coast. We are training the next generation of Florida’s scientists, resource managers and decision makers. From habitat protection, to hurricane preparedness, to sustainable fishing, it takes a combination of innovative research and local knowledge to solve these challenges. And wherever there’s a challenge to Florida’s coast, Florida Sea Grant will rise to the challenge.


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