Florida NewsMakers: Secretary of the State Department of Business & Regulation, Ken Lawson


On this week’s “Florida NewsMakers” program Ken Lawson, Secretary of the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation, sits down with Sachs Media Group’s Alia Faraj-Johnson. Their discussion highlights Lawson’s efforts to streamline licensing and regulatory processes to help boost Florida’s economy.

With more than 1 million licensees, Lawson’s agency oversees a wide range of professions and occupations, from engineers to cosmetologists to mixed martial arts trainers. “Over the last several years, what we are proud that as a department, we reduced the timing it takes for a person to get a professional license,” Lawson tells Faraj-Johnson. “Back in 2008 it took 41 days on average for someone to get their license. But now with technology and my people’s hard work, it takes less than two days.” The agency also plays a key role in food safety by regulating restaurants and the increasingly popular food trucks. “We’ve got over 2,300 different food trucks in the state of Florida,” Lawson says, and “they have to be regulated the same way as regular restaurants, follow the same rules, same health and safety concerns.” Lawson also addresses efforts to curb underage drinking, unlicensed contractors and more on “Florida NewsMakers.”


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