Florida Man Arrested for DUI on a Walmart Scooter with Open Container


MELBOURNE, FL – At 9:47AM on July 24th, 2022, a Melbourne Police Officer was dispatched to a Walmart Supercenter in reference to a man driving a mobility scooter. A loss prevention officer claimed that the man had been riding around for an hour before becoming a safety hazard to other shoppers. Upon arrival, the officer approached the suspect, then surrounded by Melbourne Fire Rescue, and observed the driver to be swaying, with glassy eyes. The officer was able to smell a distinct odor of alcohol emanating from the suspect’s person.

The officer repeatedly asked for the suspect’s identification, but he was unable to speak due to the level of intoxication. Because the suspect was not able to sufficiently answer the officer’s questions, the officer reached for the suspect’s wallet herself to retrieve the suspect’s license. After identifying the suspect, the officer requested the firefighters on scene to transport the suspect in a gurney to her patrol vehicle. Once there, the suspect was arrested and transported to the Melbourne Police Department for further processing.

At the police station, the suspect was asked whether or not he would participate in field sobriety tests, to which he refused. The suspect ultimately refused to provide a breath alcohol sample. For the incident, the officer wrote the suspect four citations: driving under the influence (DUI) refuse breath sample after previous suspension, vehicle operation with open container of alcoholic beverage, and disorderly intoxication.

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—- Chapters —-
0:00 Narrative
0:28 Investigation Begins
0:56 Identification Request
2:35 Identification Retrieval
5:17 Officer Calls Supervisor
6:46 Gurney Arrives
7:54 Step Off the Scooter
9:12 Suspect Transported to Patrol Vehicle
11:20 DUI Arrest
13:46 Police Station Processing
15:47 Results and Court Disposition


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