fLORIDA, Mafia/Action Movie


Krisztyan Kenna; brother, father, leader of the German mob — is dead. At the behest of Dennis Fißer’s new leadership, the German Mob can no longer be trusted. The Russian Mob, lead by the infamous Levi Solokov, begins to worry about Fißer’s intentions. The Kreslov Twins, along with Yuri “Mute” Bores, begin to take matters into their own hands.

Meanwhile, American Arms Dealer Dylan Portland lurks in the background. He hasn’t been in the spotlight for awhile, why? Does it have to do with the tragic loss he witnessed? His deep relations with the Garcia Cartel? One can only guess as the titan goes mentally insane. His lawyer, Daniel Wallace, can only hope that Peter Nathaniel and himself can handle the situations caused by their dear boss.

Just as everything begins to fall apart, the Germans and the Russians will learn that nothing is as it seems in this daring fictional drama. Directed by Nicholas Pilk, starring Ethan Mathias, Soren Anderson, Nicholas Pilk and Curtis Hubbard.

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