Fisherfolk of Southwest Florida | Untold Stories | Fishing Documentary


For more than 6,000 years, Southwest Florida’s rich estuaries have been fished for food. In this series historians and long-time commercial fishermen tell the story of Southwest Florida’s “fisherfolk,” from the ancient Calusas, who left a legacy of shell mounds–and more–to the rise and fall of mullet fishing.

The first pages of the early history of Cape Coral, Florida were written in the blood of dead soldiers. But its future came to life in the fertile imagination of dreamers. Before the Rosen brothers conjured up this booming city, the Calusa roamed, Seminoles battled U.S. soldiers, Cracker settlers raised cattle and cut timber and rich northerners fled civilizations to hunt and fish.

The sunshine state has a rich and colorful history. For hundreds of years the state has attracted dreamers, opportunists, inventors and fortune-seekers. WGCU’s Untold Stories aims to preserve the history of Southwest Florida communities.

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Fisherfolk of Southwest Florida | Untold Stories Fishing Documentary
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