Dog Friendly Shopping Mall in South Florida


Bring your friendly dog to our dog-friendly mall. The Festival Flea Market Mall welcomes well behaved dogs and puppies to stroll the miles of aisles in their doggy strollers. If you need to buy dog food or other pet supplies, the Festival has multiple stores that have everything a dog lover would need; dog food of all types, raw, canned, bagged, pet collars, leashes, doggy shirts, portable dog dishes and other supplies.

The Festival Flea Market mall is conveniently located next to the Florida Turnpike at Exit 69, Sample Road, Pompano Beach, Florida. We are open every day at 9:30 AM, and close at 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, 6:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

The Festival features merchants that carry a wide variety of items, from sunglasses, reading glasses, costume and gold jewelry, fragrances, health food, supplements, gifts, giftware, household items and more. Dog lovers are invited to bring their well behaved pooches in a dog stiller. If you need to buys stroller, theFiesta Pet Delis is located just inside the East entrance and has a variety of dog strollers, and carry bags.


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