DISNEY WORLD vlog ✈️ | travel day | flying BA economy with a toddler | checking in to All Star Music


Hello everyone!!!
Welcome to our Disney World vlog series 🥰
If you are new to this channel, I’m Shannan – a 28 year old mama & wife and recently I went to Walt Disney World for 2 weeks with my husband Oli (to celebrate his 30th birthday!) and our little boy Buzz who was 14/15 months at the time of our trip.
As a little disclaimer, vlogs for me are the perfect way to capture memories that we can one day show Buzz & any future littlies! I’m in no way a profesh vlogger, it is a hobby that I love and *hopefully* some of you enjoy watching them along the way too!
My camera isn’t the best and trying to vlog with a toddler whilst trying to take in the magic etcetc isn’t the easiest task in the world haha so if you’re looking for top notch content then I apologise in advance BUT I hope these videos share a little bit of the magic through our eyes in a home video kinda way haha 😆

I’ve not yet edited all of these vlogs so I’m not quite sure how many there will be but I definitely will be doing some more “sit down” type videos once the vlogs are uploaded such as a WDW haul & a Q&A where I’ll answer all of your travelling with a toddler/disney Q’s.

I do have another Disney vlog series from our trip in 2020 where we actually got married out there and vlogged the whole thing so here’s the link to that playlist if you’d like to watch those: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3r48h19Kd4&list=PLiEEw8-wLBI2NtRs6_3bI5LGPQJfH34kH

I also share lots of disney pics etc on my insta: https://www.instagram.com/shannanlorraine

Thank you so much for watching, if you’d like to subscribe then I’d love to have you!

See you super soon for the next Disney vlog!! 💛

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