Connecting iPad & FL Studio 20.7? Wifi MIDI Controller!


A video about how to use your iPad/iPhone in FL Studio 20.7 as a MIDI controller via WIFI. This can be done on a Windows laptop or desktop with a software called “RTP MIDI”. I show you how to set up the software and how to use it in FL Studio and Ableton Live. Also, I share some great iOS MIDI generator apps like Poly Playground, Step Poly Arp Unit, Navichord, Chord Maps 2, Quincy, Nodebeat, Chord Flow, and more.

0:00 intro
0:59 installation process
3:22 RTP MIDI setup
5:17 iPad MIDI controller Demo
6:30 beat making in FL Studio with iPad
11:02 Different iOS apps

Get RTP MIDI here (it comes with Bonjour Printer now)

Sounds used in beat
Kill Bill Volume 3 drum kits and samples

Slimerre XP for ElectraX

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