Chapter 1: Reviewing the Policy Responses to COVID-19 with Scott Atlas | LFHSPBC


Understanding Early COVID Data and Policies

Scott Atlas reviews the early claims about the COVID-19 virus and the policy responses that followed. Atlas highlights the importance of understanding the limitations of COVID-19 data and how it resulted in ineffective responses. Finally, Atlas examines public health statistics and investigates the risk factors of COVID-19.

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Additional resources:

Read Scott Atlas’s book A Plague upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America. Available here.

Read “During COVID, the More Prestigious the College, the Lower the Quality of Education,” by Paul Peterson, John Schoof, and Jay Greene via The Hill. Available here.

Watch “An Endless Summer: How COVID Has Reversed Academic Achievement,” with Macke Raymond on PolicyEd. Available here.

Watch “Rick Hanushek on Remedying the Achievement Gaps from School Closures,” featuring Rick Hanushek. Available here.

Listen to “Scott Atlas on How Everything the Media Says about COVID Is Wrong and Why Trump Didn’t Fire Fauci,” via the Federalist Radio Hour. Available here.

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