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AC says: This article provides a good summary of how prediction techniques, which are based in physics, can be employed to beat roulette. The author is skeptical about how practical it is to employ these strategies in casinos, and with good reason: They’re complicated, cumbersome, and likely illegal if a device—e.g., a computer—is used. However, the concepts put forth are accurate and illustrative. Two good books with real-world stories of how roulette prediction has been used successfully in the real world are The Eudaemonic Pie by Thomas A. Bass and Beating the Wheel by Russell T. Barnhart. Yes, it’s been done.

This article was written by Louis Wheeler in association with 888Casino.

Can physics give you an edge at the roulette table?

Roulette is a popular casino game that is based on chance. It is played by spinning a ball around a wheel and betting on which slot the ball will land on. While the outcome of each spin is theoretically random, some people believe that physics principles can be used to predict the outcome of the game. But is it really possible to use physics to gain an advantage at the roulette table?

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