Bigfoot Documentary | Searching for Skunk Ape: Florida’s Bigfoot


Hear Amazing encounters with the Skunk Ape, Florida’s Bigfoot, and learn from a group searching for this mythical hairy creature.

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Florida has the third highest number of bigfoot sightings in the united States. Locally the creature is known by many names – skunk ape, swamp ape, wood booger – but they all refer to the beast commonly called bigfoot.

Stories of a hairy wild man can be traced back hundreds of years in Florida. Newspaper reports from the 1800s mention it, and the Seminole Indians have a name for the creature, Esti Capcacki.

This full length documentary is my journey to learn more about the skunk ape. I connected with Matt Larson, who is looking for Bigfoot in central Florida, and was able to join him and others for a few days out in the field.

The group taught me a lot about Bigfoot. I learned about theories of their behavior that I had not heard before, and learned about the difficulties in trying to find this elusive creature.

They share their insights into the search for bigfoot, and stories about their encounters with the creature.

To learn more about Matt and the others visit their Youtube channels, which are linked below




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