Ballet Florida 1998 Company Highlights


1998 was an explosive season for Ballet Florida!
Artistic Director Marie Hale loaded the season with tremendous performances.
Here are some of the highlights:
Program Order and Timing:
Musette @00:03- Lar Lubovitch, choreography; Francis Poulenc, music
Romeo and Juliet @01:49 – Vicente Nebrada, choreography; Serge Prokofiev, music
Chiaroscuro @05:08 – Lynne Taylor-Corbett, choreography; Francis Geminiani, music, Arranged by Donald York
Lambarena @07:00 – Val Caniparoli, choreography; Johan Sebastian Bach & Traditional African music
Four Last Songs @09:12 – Ben Stevenson, choreography; Richard Strauss, music
Gemini @10:52 – Vincente Nebrada, choreography; Gustav Mahler, music
Read My Hips @13:36 – Danny Ezralow, choreography; Michel Colombier, music

Ballet Florida:
Marie Hale, Founder & Artistic Director
Principal Ballet Mistress: Claudia Cravey
Ballet Master: Steven Hoff
Company Manager/Founder: Linda Swiadon Bucheck
Assistant to the Artistic Director: A. George Cripps
Production Manager: Albert C. Mathers
Wardrobe Mistress: Jennifer Conrad
Artists of the Company: Darian Aguila, Jennifer Cole, Rogelio Corrales, Iavor Doytchinov, Leah Elzner, Jean-Hugues Féray, Yumelia Garcia, Douglas Gawriljuk, Idael German, Marife Gimenez, Trina Jennings, Lorena Jimenez, Mifa Ko, Gary Lenington, Alfredo Lescaille, Tina Martin, Deborah Marquez, Fernando Moraga, Tracy Mozingo, Stephanie Rapp, Markus Schaffer, Shannon Smith, Yuan Xi, and Joseph J. Bucheck III (Character Artist).

Dave Olive Archival Video 2008&2020©DavidOlive. Recorded in standard definition and up-converted to HD. Some softening of the image may be present.


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