Awkward 60 Minutes Interviews That Will Make You Cringe


Considering that the CBS news magazine “60 Minutes” has been on the air for more than 50 years, there are bound to be a few awkward interviews in the show’s history. And there most assuredly are. The show is known for hard-hitting questions, and interview subjects aren’t always keen to answer them. Likewise, there have been cases of the correspondents perhaps prying a little too much into the interviewees’ lives.

That push and pull can lead to some truly cringeworthy moments, and in some cases, interview subjects have even walked out on the “60 Minutes” correspondent who is peppering them with questions. Here are some awkward “60 Minutes” interviews that will make you cringe.

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Donald Trump | 0:00
Lady Gaga | 1:20
Tom Cruise | 2:18
The Clintons | 3:35
Mark Zuckerberg | 4:42
Jacinda Ardern | 5:27
Betsy DeVos | 6:50
Roger Clemens | 8:16
Barack Obama | 9:35
Ayatollah Khomeini | 10:39
Lou Dobbs | 12:03

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