Vintage Finds the Crowds Missed! I Renninger’s Antique Center

People come in droves to the thrice-annual Renninger’s Mt. Dora Antique Extravaganzas! But even as they comb through the pavilions and fields full of outdoor dealers, there’s a treasure trove right there that many of them miss…the year-round Renninger’s Antique Center!

This collective of individually run mini-stores of quality and a well-staffed consignments & showcase area make it Florida’s largest antique and vintage mall! Dealers with up to a half-century of experience have a really well rounded inventory, from distinctive lighting and home furnishings to an art deco font and some cute, fun, vintage American ceramic figures.

Provenance is everything, and one dealer tells us why her Pass Over cabinet was the only safe place for escaped slaves to hide in 1850s Vermont. (My family had one in Michigan.) Meanwhile, a 1960s Japanese toy makes a cringeworthy marketing mistake that had to have hurt sales (and a few feelings).

There’s a surprising amount of superlative items in the mall (see below), but plenty for collectors to buy (and a few items for me as a dealer in the field outside!). A mini haul video wraps up a fun morning spent shopping and showing off some of the notable parts we had time to see.

I hope my review of this high-quality antique co-op mall helps you learn more about antique and vintage items, inspires your own collecting and educates you about what I see as a vintage shopper! I’m excited to share my real world vintage encounters with the online community, I love sharing our passion and hope we all help each other with our antique education.

Here’s some more highlighted show items:

Victorian shawl, pickled bamboo furniture, Victrolas, chandeliers, Hall teapots, light up tavern beer sign, Fratelli Toso studio glass, Uranium glass, 1950s salt and peppers, Nagel and Erte prints, Coors Pottery, Royal Dux porcelain, souvenir mugs, hourglass, Chalet Glass, 1970s chrome furniture, Flash-Vue cookie jar, Studebaker pedal car, Firestone shop sign, Breyer Animals, vintage Christmas, Esco statues, vintage office furniture, 1970s fringed coat, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, huge Lladro boat, watch and clock repair, farm primitives, Kay Finch, Weil Ware, Howard Pierce, etc.


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