9 a.m. VENEZUELAN BREAKFAST in Miami, Florida!! Tequeños, Cachapa, Patacon and Guasacaca!!


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Venezuelan cuisine is near and dear to my heart, as my parents were born in Venezuela. I grew up eating it, so it’s comfort food for me! Join me as I have an amazing Venezeulan breakfast in Miami with my friend Isabella from the Drooling Goddess!

Isabella is also Venezuelan, so she was also excited to join me. We met up at Doggi’s Arepa Bar, one of the top Venezuelan restaurants in Miami. Inside, Isabella showed me some Venezuelan sweets including the Suzy, and some Venezuelan sayings and artwork on the walls.

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In the kitchen, we watched them make arepas and cachapas, which are corn pancakes stuffed with cheese. We also had some beef empanadas, tequeños, chicharron, maduros, arroz con frijoles, and more.

Then, they built the arepa with shredded chicken mixed with avocado, shredded beef, and more. They fried up some queso paisa and grilled churrasco that’s marinated for four hours for the Santa Barbara arepa! Everything looked so good, and we had so much to eat!

We tried some crispy, diced chicharron cubes. Then, at our table, we had tequeños, empanadas, arepitas con nata y queso, a cachapa, patacon, mandocas, an Arepa Santa Bárbara, and Arepa Tripleta, and an Arepa Llanera.

The tequeños were like the best fried cheese sticks ever. It was crispy on the outside and gooey and cheesy inside. Dipping them in the guasacaca gave it an herbal kick.

Next were the arepitas con nata y queso, which was fried arepa dough with cheese and a creamy sauce. I loved it! We followed them with Isabella’s favorite, mandocas (fried plantains in donut shape) with cheese. They were dense, savory, and sweet!

Next were the empanadas! We had cheese, beef, carne molida, and pabellón. The dough was thin and the filling inside was so tasty. The dough was nice and sweet!

Meanwhile, the cachapa was the best pancake ever. The cheese was excellent and the corn dough was delicious. Cachapas are a staple in Venezuelan cuisine!

Next, we jumped on the arepas. The Arepa Llanera was full of meat and the grilled cheese, and the Arepa tripleta was full of different textures and flavors. Eating them with the guasacaca was fantastic. It reminded me of a mint-cilantro chutney from India!

Then, we tried the patacon. The layers of meat and two plantains, cole slaw, and cheese were unreal. I loved the sweet plantains even though I’m not much of a sweets guy.

Next were some Venezuelan drinks: Fress Kolita, Maltín, and Polar Pilsner. The Maltín is essentially a non-alcoholic beer. The fress kolita is basically a cherry soda! What a way to end our meal!

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