K. Michelle Performed in a Off White Tanya Marie Handmade Goddess Gown to the Country Music Association Fest – Fashion Bomb Daily

‘Tennessee’ singer K. Michelle is still in her country music bag, and performed at the CMA fest in Nashville over the weekend in an off white Tanya Marie Handmade Goddess Gown.

We have been seeing Beyoncé slay with her cowgirl inspired looks and K.Michelle is right up there with her.

Known for her amazing vocal range and high notes, the Memphis Tennessee native’s gown featured a lace bodice top that was adorned with crystals, and had a long lace floral train.

To keep her look country theme, she paired her ensemble with denim daisy dukes, and white cowgirl boots. K. Michelle’s cream $195 Tanya Marie Macrame belt that has embroidered fringe has gone viral on Instagram.

She was cozy in her skin while on stage grooving and jamming as she sung some of her most beloved country music hits.

She also took a moment to two-step and do the ‘Traveling Cha Cha’ with fans in her cowgirl outfit that also had bohemian vibes.

We must admit, K.Michelle really came with the heat in this look. Her Tanya Marie dress was so flattering on her and offered a different spin than what we’ve seen her in thus far.

What say you? Hot! Or Hmm…?

Photo Credit: IG/Reproduction

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