North Carolina sports betting apps: $1000s in offers from FanDuel, BetMGM, more

It’s time to get set for online sportsbooks in the Tar Heel State as North Carolina sports betting apps are now available for pre-registration. The official launch of North Carolina online betting won’t go live until March 11, meaning NC users cannot yet place bets. But with the pre-registration window now open, eligible users can sign-up early to get ready for all the exciting action set to arrive shortly.

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Signing up early is just part of what makes pre-registration such a luxury, as users will have the opportunity to secure exclusive bonuses during this pre-launch period. These pre-registration promos are very easy to claim, and ensure that bettors will start their experience with a little extra juice when NC online sportsbooks go live.

How to Pre-register for North Carolina Sports Betting Apps

The pre-registration window for North Carolina online sports betting opens today and runs from March 1, 2024, through March 11, 2024 (when NC online sports betting is launched). During this 10-day period, eligible users will have the opportunity to sign-up with various North Carolina sports betting apps and receive a bonus when they do so.

Here’s how to pre-register for North Carolina sports betting apps:

  1. Click the linked offers on this page to have the promo applied at sign-up
  2. Enter the required information to create your online sports betting account (full legal name, date of birth, phone number, etc.)
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions of the North Carolina sports betting app
  4. Confirm your account to claim the exclusive NC pre-registration bonus

It should be pointed out that users have the option to deposit funds into their North Carolina sports betting apps during this pre-registration window, however, they will have to wait for the March 11 launch date to officially place bets.

FanDuel North Carolina

One of the most popular NC sports betting apps set to arrive in North Carolina, FanDuel Sportsbook is a terrific option for users interested in pre-registration. Available now, users who sign-up early with the FanDuel North Carolina app will have the option to secure up to $300 in bonus bets to wager with when NC online sports betting is launched on March 11.

DraftKings North Carolina

A top-tier sports betting app offering an early sign-up promo in the Tar Heel State, DraftKings Sportsbook is certain to be a popular option among NC bettors. Using the link on this page, new bettors who pre-register with DraftKings North Carolina can claim up to $300 in bonus bets to boost up their account when NC online sportsbooks go live.

BetMGM North Carolina

Well-known in the legal gambling sphere, BetMGM is a reliable betting operator set to arrive soon in North Carolina. During the exclusive pre-registration window, new users can sign-up early with BetMGM North Carolina to score $200 in bonus bets when NC sports betting apps are launched on March 11.

Caesars North Carolina

Established in the world of online gambling, Caesars Sportsbook is allowing North Carolina bettors to pre-register now and get a terrific bonus for doing so. With the linked offer on this page, eligible users in the Tar Heel State can sign-up early and claim (7) 100% profit boosts when they bet at least $1 on Caesars North Carolina (beginning March 11).

bet365 North Carolina

Expanding its presence throughout the United States, bet365 is set to add another territory to its portfolio as the operator is slated for launch in the Tar Heel State. Eligible users can pre-register on the bet365 North Carolina sports betting app with the promo listed on this page to receive a terrific two-part offer. NC users who sign-up early on bet365 get $100 in bonus bets + an offer to bet $5 and get another $200 in bonus bets when North Carolina online betting is launched.

ESPN BET North Carolina

Another of the most intriguing North Carolina sports betting apps, ESPN BET is quickly becoming a popular option for online bettors throughout the country. Set to go live soon in North Carolina, users can currently pre-register with ESPN BET NC and secure an exclusive promo in the process. With no deposit required, simply activate the links on this page and pre-register on the ESPN BET North Carolina sports betting app to claim $25 in bonus bets to be used when the state launches online betting.

Fanatics North Carolina

Firing up in the Tar Heel State, Fanatics Sportsbook is set to carve out its share of the North Carolina sports betting market. Offering a terrific pre-registration promo, new users who sign-up early with Fanatics North Carolina can score up to $1,000 in bonus bets at the official launch of North Carolina online sportsbooks on March 11.

21+ only. NC only. Subject to eligibility requirements. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER or 877-718-5543 or visit morethanagame.nc.gov.

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