Promenade Showcases its Gameplay in a Brand New Demo

  • Promenade is a brand new and ambitious collectathon coming to Xbox consoles.
  • Download the Promenade demo and try four different gameplay sequences.
  • Play as Nemo as he goes on a beautiful coming-of-age adventure.

Promenade is coming to Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One on February 23. And we at Red Art Games are so excited that we wanted to give everybody the opportunity to try out the game before it comes out. That’s why we put together a playable demo that give players a taste of what we believe makes Promenade so good.  That demo is available right now! But before we get into the demo’s content, let us tell you a bit more about Promenade.

In Promenade, you play as Nemo, a kid who finds himself dropped into a world that is as mysterious as it is colorful. Luckily for him, he won’t have to make his way through this magical place alone. When things look like they couldn’t get any worse for him, a cute, and very skilled, octopus swoops in to save the day.  Joined by his new cephalopod sidekick, Nemo is tasked with the mission to repair the Great Elevator whose cogs have been scattered all around the world by a scary character. Why did that mean looking guy break everything you ask? You will have to play Promenade to find out!

What we can tell you is that to put the all important elevator back in working condition, the brave duo will have to go on a life-changing trip across a mysterious world full of challenges, puzzle, races and funny looking creatures. In order to collect the 180 cogs needed to fully repair the elevator, Nemo and the octopus will have to face many challenges. But it will be worth it in the end.

Promenade is a charming 2D Collectathon full of gameplay ideas and memorable scenes. Its story, told through environmental storytelling, is one of growth. Throughout his journey, Nemo will learn to overcome his fears and self doubt. Promenade’s creators were inspired by numerous and varied pieces of work such as  “Alice in Wonderland” ,  “Little Nemo”  – after which the protagonist too his name –  “Adventure Time” ,  “Peter Pan” ,   “Gravity Falls”  and   “Over the Garden Wall” . And even though it is a 2D game, Promenade has also been inspired by 3D gaming classics such as Banjo-Kazooie and Spyro the Dragon. The game’s creators worked tirelessly to reinvent as a 2D title a genre that is closely associated with 3D games.

In the Promenade demo, players get the opportunity to try out four different gameplay sequences, as many times as they like. We carefully selected those sections of the game as we believe that they show what Promenade has to offer without spoiling the latter levels. The first sequence, called ”Cavern of Awakening” starts off with the opening cutscene and leads into the tutorial level. When they reach the end of the level, players have a good grasp of the game’s controls.

The second sequence, “Sandy Stroll”, is Promenade’s first full level. On this sunny level, players will get to pick ups some of the game’s very first cogs. Some are easy to spot, others are well hidden… Sandy Stroll gives players an idea of the various types of situations they will find themselves in during Nemo’s journey.

The third sequence, titled “Slinghops”, is a trial-type level. The trials are skills-based levels and tend to be the most difficult levels of Promenade. Once they’ve managed to get to the end of trial levels, players can do it all over again. But this time, with a time limit…

The fourth and final sequence, “Masked Demon’s Lair”, leads to a boss fight. In order to complete their cogs collection, and gain access to some very special mini-games, Nemo and his companion will have to face a collection of bosses. Each boss fight is different and the heroic duo will have to use their skills and reflexes to defeat them.

While Promenade’s creators developed it with speedrunners and fans of challenging games in mind, more casual players will also be able their time with Nemo and his octopus friend. It is  possible, and absolutely fine, to focus on less difficult cogs to get to Promenade’s ending. That being said, players who manage to collect all 180 cogs will get to see something truly special…

Promenade invites players to find out on their own what makes each part of the world and object unique. In Holy Cap’s debut title, trying things can lead to surprising results. But as we said previously, don’t let its pastel graphics and funny looking characters fool you. Promenade has been carefully crafted with experienced players and completionists in mind. Achievement hunters who want to get the 1,000 GS on Promenade will have their hands full for a while. We can promise you that!

Ported to Xbox consoles by Red Art Studios, Promenade is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on February 23. Its playable demo is available now.

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Promenade – Demo

Red Art Games

Oh no! The Great Elevator has been broken and its cogs have been scattered all around the world!

Travel the world with your poulp using a dynamic moveset to find all the cogs!

Interact with colorful characters and solve puzzles!

Explore dungeons and face the bosses that dwell there!

Use different objects and their properties to your advantage!

Collect the lost cogs, repair the Great Elevator and unlock new levels in this collectathon directly inspired by 3D platformers!

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