Planet Earth III: Perspectives | Minecraft

If your first instinct whenever you see a baby turtle is to protect it from the Overworld’s predators, I get you. Nature can seem brutal to our modern human sensibilities. But have you ever considered what it’s like to be a hungry ocelot or a wolf? For your survival to depend on your ability to hunt? I get overwhelmed the second I step foot inside a supermarket, so I can’t even imagine! 

In the new Planet Earth III DLC, available now for Minecraft Education and on Minecraft Marketplace for free, you get to experience both sides! Explore the intertwined lives of animals from an empathetic point of view in an adventure based on the groundbreaking docuseries from the BBC’s Natural History Unit, Planet Earth III. In this world created by Minecraft community creators Shapescape, embody a variety of animals and experience the struggle and triumph of survival as both predator and prey, from the fur seal to the African leopard and the bee. 

Ready to charge through the tundra as a musk ox? Or leap from the treetops as a hungry leopard? Let’s begin our first adventure… 

Tides of Change 

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