1960s USA, Aerials Over Florida Countryside, Coastline, Home Movies, 16mm


1960s USA, Aerials Over Florida Countryside, Coastline, 16mm from the Kinolibrary Archive Film Collections. Clip ref KLR1685. For commercial projects only. To order the clip clean and high res, or to find out more, visit http://www.kinolibrary.com. Available in 2K.
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Various Shots Aerial Views Over Rural USA. Small Houses In F/G, Large H-Shaped Building Central Frame, Military Base, Hospital, Government Building. Fire Burning On Sticks In Middle Of Pond, Lake, Fuel Tankers, Farm, Palm Trees, Green Fields. Village/Town, Smoke In B/G. Boat Travelling Along River, Barge, Float, Rig, In Middle Of River.
Aerial Views Over Coast, Houses In F/G, Forest, Green Countryside. C/U Aerial Over Large Blue, Red Ship, Cargo, “Mc-Kinney Marsk”. Pan Up Over Large Water, Oil Tankers, Sea In F/G, Forest In B/G. Aerial View Over Coast, Forest, River, In F/G, Coast In B/G, Town, Village In Central Shot.

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Sea, Beach, Forest, Landscape, Holiday, Vacation, Tourism, Travel, Tropical Landscapes.

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