11 Stories of Work and Life, Florida Immigrants 2012


Spanish and Portuguese Studies at the University of Florida is pleased to feature the results of a special project launched by Professor Kathy Dwyer Navajas in the fall of 2012. Professor Navajas’s students interviewed Hispanic immigrants on the topic of work, a theme chosen by the class. Using work as a focus of their research, the class divided into two person teams. Each team was required to develop, create, and edit a 5-minute “mini-doc” featuring a person selected and willing to tell his or her experiences and thoughts relating to work.
The results were 11 compelling stories not only about work, but about the hard choices people face. These stories are compiled here in one final 59-minute piece.

A Spanish and Portuguese Studies project
Professor Kathy Dwyer Navajas
University of Florida
Fall 2012 SPN 3948

With much assistance from:
Judy Shoaf, the director of the Language Learning Center.
The Samuel Proctor Oral History Program.
Gillian Lord, the chair of Spanish and Portuguese Studies.
Víctor Jordán for helping me think through so many things.

Edited November 30, 2012
Cat. No. VIDS 090 in the archives of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program


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