🔴 7 Florida Cities Headed for a Housing Crisis (and alternatives!!)


In this video, we review a study ranking the top 7 overall Florida markets poised for a potential real estate crash. I discuss mortgage default forecasts, vacancy rates, and much more! Multiple recent reports are showing that there are 7 Florida cities that are headed for a housing crisis. Pembroke Pines FL, Hollywood FL, Jacksonville FL, Miami FL, Gainesville FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, and Orlando FL.

The Sunshine State has been a much-loved destination for many retirees; however, the recent influx of people moving to Florida due to its warm climate and retirement lifestyle have resulted in out-of-control housing prices and traffic. This is forcing many Floridians find other places more suited financially – leading to an alarming trend away from the state, as home insurance rates skyrocket and mandatory flood insurance becomes commonplace. The consequences are dire: mortgage delinquency’s, foreclosures, high car insurances, increased property taxes, all on a fixed budget. This is creating an unaffordable environment for those who live there.

If you are retiring, moving to Florida, or looking for an investment, you simply want to stay ahead of the curve, watch this video and get additional information on some alternative cities like Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Many people are relocating to Florida, but why are people moving out of Florida? Don’t Make A Mistake investing in FL Housing Market. Watch this video to find out what really going on.

Thanks for watching hope you enjoy it!

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