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Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter updates his very first Fruit-Powered Video, showing how to make a raw vegan pizza called Pepper Pizza with Savory Marinara Sauce. This time, Brian Rossiter adds Avocado-Tomato “Cheese.” This is one of Brian Rossiter’s favorite raw food recipes as well as bell pepper recipes and tomato recipes. Enjoy this recipe article for the ingredient list and written directions, published in Fruit-Powered Magazine: https://www.Fruit-Powered.com/pepper-pizza-with-savory-marinara-sauce/.

Thanks to Timothy Radley, a.k.a. DJ Shamrock, for videography: https://www.fruit-powered.com/timothy-radley/. This video was specially shot for Dr. David Klein’s Vibrance magazine.

Brian Rossiter is the creator of Fruit-Powered Video.

Brian Rossiter guides clients wanting the best out of their bodies, health and lives through his natural health services. Through his Raw Vegan Coaching Program (https://www.rawvegancoachingprogram.com/), he guides clients to enjoy peak health, energy and clarity. Through his Posture Exercises Method (https://www.postureexercisesmethod.com/), he guides clients to enjoy pain relief and peak performance.

Brian Rossiter is also the creator of the Fruitarian Store (https://www.fruitarian.store/), home to more than 150 natural health products and growing monthly.

Finally, Brian Rossiter is the creator of Fruit-Powered (https://www.fruit-powered.com/), home to 725-plus stories published in Fruit-Powered Magazine (https://www.fruit-powered.com/fruit-powered-magazine-natural-health-raw-vegan-lifestyle/). These stories include the popular Raw Vegan Transformations (https://www.fruit-powered.com/raw-vegan-transformations/), Raw Vegan Recipes (https://www.fruit-powered.com/raw-vegan-recipes/) and Insight From Natural Health Leaders (https://www.fruit-powered.com/natural-health-leaders/).


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